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the oxygen tube, washington, and the economy will grow. >> the economy growing is what gdp is telling you. >> you could be right. i'm not saying it's entirely -- obviously any president can take credit for any good number and the number lately that's going his way is this gdp. that's the latest thing he's hanging his hat on. i'm wondering whether it's justification for the president to do more of the stuff he tried this week. rob, this is to you. >> every good number means spend ing works? >> no, of course not. i don't believe that at all. i think you have to spend correctly and i also believe that lower taxes will help insenttivize people. what i'm saying is you want to look at a benchmark to see if things are getting better, you look at the stock market, you look at gdp and employment trends. if they're getting better, you have to assume that some of the stuff you're doing is helping. that's the only thing i'm trying to say. >> the stock market year to date is in the tank. so is it really in the right direction? particularly since president obama came after the banks. it's in the tank.
in washington. nothing dramatic. >> i don't know if in this case gridlock is good. you have to get past a lot of big problems. >> i think the way you get past that is cut costs and make it dramatic and a sense of urgency. i think with this, it will create a sense of urgency and force a decision. >> i think that's what we were discussing, it doesn't. that's your concern. there's no sense of urgency. >> there is from the president to resell this and blame it on everyone but himself. at some point i says to say i messed up, misread the public and -- >> never on earth. the power of making excuse us. i say its a thyroid condition. >> when we come back, a weight joke. stay with me because i'm not going to repeat this. scott brown's political rally about to become a jobs rally. how the new massachusetts senator will get americans working again coming up were. first, president obama's bank bashing plan is all about risk. should he be looking at risk takers a little closer to home? ♪ sitting in a fortune 100 company? a good place to find yourself. and that's exactly where our graduates do find thems
are required to consent to anything important that is going on in washington. this is incredibly important. it is being done out of sight of the citizens of the media. that is unheard of. that is a slap in the face of james madison and the constitution. i keep thinking that rahm emanuel and harry reid and mrs. pelosi are saying constitution, we don't need no stinking constitution we the votes in the last election this is a serious offense against constitutional government. i'm very worried about it. >> neil not only am i not unnerveed by this, i'm nerved. the federalist papers were about representative democracy. we do not govern by plebiscite or referendum in this country i'm sorry to say we do in the state of california another subject all together. we elect these representatives to go to washington to write legislation and make laws for us. they tell us about it, we comment to them. the bills are there, you can look at the bills. [ talking over each other ] >> they are going to tell us it is made up. adam, i love you like a brother that is made up. nobody knows what is in those bills th
-martialed. >> the original gag order was drawn up on orders from washington to general macarthur as the philippines were liberated in january, february 1945. >> oliver: author of the book unjust enrichment, she's done exexpensive research on american p.o.w.'s in the pacific. >> what puzzles me is why this order was then updated to september 5th, is the 1945. prisoners being recovered from japan were being also forced to sign this order. >>. >> oliver: they had you sign a gag order that you wouldn't talk about what happened to you as a p.o.w.. >> that's right. >> oliver: why? >> now, i never could figure that out. they never told us. and so being a marine, i did what i was told. >> oliver: this is the gag order he signed on 13 september, 1945. it covered the pictures he'd risked his life to take. >> terrence had been told, you take these home, you put them in a drawer, don't show them to anyone or you'll be court martial jood despite the threat, the photographs did end up as evidence in the tokyo trials. >> herbert markowicz was the navy doctor who was the p.o.w. camp doctor. >> oliver: imprisoned with k
controversy surrounding president obama's pick to head the tsa, the "washington post" reporting, some new suters admitted he gave congress misleading information about an incident that occurred while he was and fbi agent and received a reprimand for running background checks on his estranged wife's boyfriend 20 years ago and the new revelations could complicate his election, in northwest pakistan at least 96 people are dead in an attack, at a volleyball tournament, a man drove his car into the field and set off a bomb. i'm gregg jarrett, now back to "cavuto on business," here on the fox news channel. >> looks like our tax dollars are making a group in america more optimistic for the new year. a new poll shows 46% of government employees believe the economy is getting better. but the numbers flipped for folks working in this private sector, 49% think things are worse and that has patricia powell flipping out? hide for cover! >> charles, i have to tell you first, my comments will not be made towards the military. the government workers who protect us all. >> an asterisk. >> i have an asteri
coverage on haiti continues. we're going to go to brian wilson in washington for kelly.
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)